Do you teach your kids about healthy oral hygiene? It’s crucial for all parents to start taking care of their kids’ teeth as soon as they come out to prevent their teeth from getting rotten. Tooth decay in children is a worldwide concern what with all those sugary foods available everywhere which most kids enjoy eating. In Australia cities there are many competent dentists who can help parents in taking care of their kids’ teeth, like North Shore dentists in Sydney. How can you help your kids maintain good oral health? Here are some tips you may want to follow:Feed your kids with nutritious foods – Fresh fruits and vegetables are the most ideal foods to give to your kids so they can get the nutrients they need for their teeth to be healthy. Make sure your kids eat enough nutritious foods regularly. It’s best if you accompany them while eating and set a good eating example for them to emulate.

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1. Avoid giving kids sweets and junk foods – Candy, chocolates, chips, sticky foods, and sweetened drinks are some of the many food types that cause teeth cavities. If you ask dentists in North Shore they would advise you to discourage your kids from eating these junkies. Help them stay away from these items to prevent tooth decay. Look for healthy snack alternatives that don’t contain too much sugar.

2. Teach your kids to brush their teeth – As soon as your child grows a tooth, explain about this additional body part as best as you can. Make them appreciate their teeth by telling them that they are used for eating foods. Using a toothbrush with soft bristles plus a small amount of kids’ toothpaste, brush your kids’ teeth at least twice a day if they are still unable to do it by themselves. Once they are ready to brush their teeth on their own, teach them how to brush teeth properly using regular up and down and then side to side motions for at least two minutes. Show your kids how to properly rinse their mouth after brushing their teeth. You may also contact the dentists North Shore has in case you have any concerns about proper teeth cleaning.

3. Be wary of tooth decay from milk consumption – There are kids who may have adverse teeth reaction from the milk they consume. Try to observe your kids’ teeth and see if the milk they are drinking may be causing tooth decay. You may consult North Shore dentists and ask the best thing to do in this case.

4. Have dentist check your kids’ teeth at least twice a year – Take your kids to the dentist at least twice a year for oral check up. For instance, North Shore dentists would be more than happy to give you pieces of advice on how to best maintain your child’s teeth as well as give them oral prophylaxis which efficiently cleans the teeth.

Helping your kids understand the importance of good oral hygiene will motivate them to be conscious about taking care of their teeth. If you want to find dentists in North Shore just go online to see some options. For starters, visit