Though anxiety has some severe health consequences, you can’t run away from the fact that anxiety is natural, normal and a necessary emotion sometimes. Most scientists consider anxiety to be an adaptive response to danger or stress. Besides motivating people to focus on solving particular problems, anxiety is essential in coping with tense situations and assisting people to manage many daily challenges. However, excessive mismanaged anxiety can be debilitating and irrational. If an anxious client doesn’t see a professional Sydney anxiety counsellor in good time, they may develop any of the following anxiety disorders:

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Post-traumatic stress disorder

When an individual experiences a life-threatening or traumatic event, they are likely to develop a post-traumatic stress disorder. Such traumatic events include a natural disaster, plane crash, assault, rape, and loss of a loved one. Acute stress or shock is mostly the psychological response to trauma. People with PTSD remain in mental shock and if they don’t seek help from a competent anxiety counsellor in Sydney, the prevailing symptoms may worsen. The PTSD symptoms may get severe and deteriorate the individual’s work and home life, as well as other vital life aspects.

Specific phobias

A specific phobia can be defined as an irrational, intense fear where the individual fears a specific situation or object. Patients suffering from this type of anxiety disorder have an irrational fear of snakes, germs, flying, rivers, closed-in spaces and heights among others. Such patients go to unusual lengths to avoid the situation or object of fear. Individuals with this disorder should schedule an appointment with qualified anxiety counsellor Sydney has today to get help. If this doesn’t happen, the individuals could develop a severe anxiety or panic attack.

Panic disorder

People with this type of anxiety disorder show repeated fear attacks that are not in most cases expected. Physical symptoms that may accompany these repeated fear attacks include a choking feeling, heart palpitations, chest pain and sweating among others. People who have experienced panic attacks often fear they would lose control of what they have or die. A professional Sydney anxiety counsellor knows how to handle patients with this condition even at a stage where the panic attacks have become full-blown.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

People with OCD usually have unwanted, excessive obsessions or thoughts. When dealing with this problem, the Sydney anxiety counsellor should look for ways to reduce the client’s building anxiety. Although most individuals suffering from OCD consider their compulsive behaviors and obsessive thoughts as irrational, they are in most instances unable to resist them. If they are not checked, these behaviors and thoughts could interfere with your normal life and hinder you from handling and performing your core responsibilities.

The most regrettable scenario is that most people don’t know that anxiety can lead to such severe disorders. Others even don’t know when anxiety is in control of their life circles. Anxiety may not be harmful in the beginning, but it may degrade the quality of the individual’s life if not controlled. For this reason, it’s important for anyone with anxiety symptoms to find anxiety counsellor Sydney has today who is experienced for timely help. This would help you lead a productive and healthy life.